EVE Online News – Rubicon Certainly Feels Compelling

Rubicon, EVE Online's 2013 Winter Expansion, was recently released and we've taken the new content for a spin. See what we thought of our time in Rubicon before leaving your own impressions in the comments.

As the first chapter in this new story, Rubicon works well at setting the scene. The concept of the Empires losing their grip and Capsuleer corporations flooding in is certainly tantalizing. And, barring a few hiccups, the new tools that CCP has provided are definitely fun to use. But it’s difficult to judge the expansion on its own, partly because of the ten year legacy that it’s built on, and partly because it takes time for changes to ripple through the MMO sandbox. While the first few steps are solid, it’s going to take a while to know if the direction we’re heading in is a good one. 

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EVE Online News - Rubicon Certainly Feels Compelling

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