EVE Online News – Huge Intergalactic Battle & Rubicon v1.1 Brings Big Changes

Apparently, the fight for outer space is just beginning thanks to a huge battle going on as we speak. In addition, EVE Online Rubicon v1.1 is set to deploy on Tuesday, January 28th according to the latest developer blog on the official site. The update will bring the new Sisters of EVE Battleship online, as well as a host of new shipwrecks, graphical updates, UI changes and optimizations and more.

There's a massive fleet fight going on in EVE Online right now that's gotten both side in the ongoing, and universe-spanning "Halloween War" to commit hundreds of their most expensive ships. Reports say over 8 Titans have already been destroyed amongst other ships worth well over 1 Trillion ISK (Interstellar Kredits). This is big, folks.

There are a couple places to watch live, with new streams opening up as well.


As was announced at EVE Down Under last November, the Sisters of EVE ships released in Rubicon are receiving support in Rubicon 1.1 with a brand new battleship lovingly named the Nestor. While themed around exploration and flexibility like its smaller siblings, it does not receive a bonus to cloaking but bonuses to remote repair amount and range to make it a very powerful sub-cap logistic ship.

Read more about Rubicon v1.1 on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Huge Intergalactic Battle & Rubicon v1.1 Brings Big Changes

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