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EVE Online News – Inferno Update 1.2 Goes Live this August

CCP Games has announced that Inferno 1.2 will go live on Wednesday, August 8. The update introduces V3 shaders for Angel pirate-faction ships, an improved 'New Player Experience', and a bevy of balance fixes, with improvements to frigates and additional moon alchemy reactions of particular note.


EVE Online News – Dev Blog Talks All Things Alliance Tournament X Weekend

In a new dev blog published to the official EVE Online website, CCP Navigator outlines the various technical issues the team has experienced during the course of the tournament, CCP's plans to address them, and what players can hope to find during the event this weekend.

The first issue we encountered was a problem with the screen going blank. We believe this was an issue with a bugged XSplit encoder on one of our machines which was dedicated to the stream. As a result, we have moved the streaming service on to new dedicated machines and have added back-up streams should anything happen to our main platform. This redundancy should ensure that any interruptions and it should be stressed that we do not expect any, will be kept to the absolute minimum of time. Moving to a backup stream will take a matter of seconds.

Read more over at the official EVE Online website.

EVE Online News - Dev Blog Talks All Things Alliance Tournament X Weekend

EVE Online News – E3 2013 – The EVE Universe Marches On

During E3 last week, we caught up with CCP Games to talk about EVE Online and what the team has in store for the now-decade old title. The times are a-changing in many exciting ways as you'll see in our preview. Read on and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

EVE will be branching out into other mediums this year with a comic book series by Dark Horse and a source book covering the history and universe of the game. The biggest push is for players to submit their own true stories which will be covered in these other mediums. Not to mention a future television show highlighting some of the past moments that players had over their ten year experience. CCP said that it is better to take the true stories of players in the game and build the fiction around those events rather than just starting fresh with new material. If you are a decade long EVE player you may soon see your story on television.

Read more of Garrett Fuller's EVE Online: The EVE Universe Marches On.

EVE Online News - E3 2013 - The EVE Universe Marches On

EVE Online News – Odyssey Launched

EVE Online players can now enter the game for the summer expansion, Odyssey. Odyssey is the nineteenth expansion to the decade-old game and includes a host of useful new features, most notably Odyssey introduces the Sensor Overlay, a "new system that helps players uncover the riches, riddles and relics hidden among the stars."

EVE Online: Odyssey brings evolved and enhanced spaceship metrics for multiple ship classes and redistributed stellar resource landscape, exploration sites, and NPC loot across the universe. These changes will shake up EVE’s player-driven economy and rattle tenuous diplomatic ties between even the largest player alliances of New Eden. Allegiances will shift, markets will boom and crash, and fresh wars will rage across the cosmos as EVE’s notorious pilots do what they do best—follow their ambitions and live their own unique and dramatic stories.

Just in time for these upheavals, Odyssey also rolls out brand new Navy Battlecruisers in which to explore, exploit, and conquer the galaxy. Player-owned starbases have also gotten an update, as the new expansion introduces dozens of fixes, updates, user interface innovations, and enhanced features such as radial menus and probe formations to make EVE Online more accessible without sacrificing its world-renowned depth.

Find out more on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News – CCP Fighting Off Major DDOS Attack

UPDATE: The servers are back online and CCP Spielman has written a detailed developer blog about the outage.

What we can now confirm is that a person was able to utilize a vulnerability in one of the back-end services that support the operation of the Tranquility server. This vulnerability has now been secured and thoroughly tested.

We would like to stress that at no time was customer data compromised or accessible in any way.

CCP Games has taken both DUST 514 and EVE offline due to a sever DDOS attack. The team reported the outage via Twitter and have posted an update on Facebook.

Our engineers are close to resolving the issues on Tranquility. We aim to have have our servers live as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for your continued patience.

Servers are reportedly still down. We will keep you posted as the story develops.

Thanks, Coolit, for the tip!

EVE Online News - CCP Fighting Off Major DDOS Attack

EVE Online News – Opening Up On Odyssey and EVE-VR

EVE Online has expanded a whopping eighteen times and is poised for the next with the arrival of Odyssey later this summer. We sat down to chat with CCP's Kristoffer Tourborg about Odyssey. See what he had to say and then head to the comments!

Given the name, Odyssey is all about exploration. There are a lot of upgrades coming with the new expansion but the biggest area of revamp is getting out into the galaxy and finding new areas. Kris explained that a lot of players had been logging into EVE excited about this element of the game only to soon logoff unhappy about the level of content surrounding exploration. Therefore Odyssey addresses this area first hand. It gives players some amazing tools: such as new spacecraft designed for discovery, a sensory overlay to enhance your search of different areas, and an upgrade to basic probe technology which gives new players a much easier boost to search for resources. 

Read more of Garrett Fuller's EVE Online: Opening Up On Odyssey and EVE-VR.

EVE Online News - Opening Up On Odyssey and EVE-VR