EVE Online News – Crossing the Rubicon

During last weekend's EVE Online event in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to find out more about the next expansion, Rubicon. We've got lots to tell so head through the jump and check it out!

One of the biggest new features is the Mobile Deployment Structures. The MDS’s give players several convenient features that vary depending on which of the four you have available. The Mobile Depot allows you to access your stash and make changes to your ships. It’s sort of a portable space home. The depot can be deployed just about anywhere and has a special 48 hour reinforcement. Be wary of your placement though, as anyone who finds it can still scan it and, eventually, blow it up.

Read more of Blake Morse's EVE Online: Crossing the Rubicon.

e more approachable for new players.

EVE Online News - Crossing the Rubicon

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