EVE Online News – First Hand Preview Of EVE Valkyrie

EVE Online: Valkyrie is poised to set the gaming world on its ear with a unique gaming perspective. We recently had the opportunity to get a first hand on look at the game and have a terrific preview to share. Read on before heading to the comments to chat.

Later on, as E3 was coming to a close I approached CCP’s Global CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson during an event the company was throwing after hours. So, I may have had a few drinks in me as I rambled in his ear about how he was sitting on a goldmine with E:VR and had to make it a real game and not just an interesting tech demo that might be something later. So you can probably thank me for getting us here as it would seem Hilmar heeded my call and the world will soon know how awesome EVE: Valkyrie is for themselves.

Read more of Blake Morse's EVE Online: Valkyrie First Hand Preview.

EVE Online News - First Hand Preview Of EVE Valkyrie

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