EVE Online News – Opening Up On Odyssey and EVE-VR

EVE Online has expanded a whopping eighteen times and is poised for the next with the arrival of Odyssey later this summer. We sat down to chat with CCP's Kristoffer Tourborg about Odyssey. See what he had to say and then head to the comments!

Given the name, Odyssey is all about exploration. There are a lot of upgrades coming with the new expansion but the biggest area of revamp is getting out into the galaxy and finding new areas. Kris explained that a lot of players had been logging into EVE excited about this element of the game only to soon logoff unhappy about the level of content surrounding exploration. Therefore Odyssey addresses this area first hand. It gives players some amazing tools: such as new spacecraft designed for discovery, a sensory overlay to enhance your search of different areas, and an upgrade to basic probe technology which gives new players a much easier boost to search for resources. 

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EVE Online News - Opening Up On Odyssey and EVE-VR

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