EVE Online News – E3 2013 – The EVE Universe Marches On

During E3 last week, we caught up with CCP Games to talk about EVE Online and what the team has in store for the now-decade old title. The times are a-changing in many exciting ways as you'll see in our preview. Read on and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

EVE will be branching out into other mediums this year with a comic book series by Dark Horse and a source book covering the history and universe of the game. The biggest push is for players to submit their own true stories which will be covered in these other mediums. Not to mention a future television show highlighting some of the past moments that players had over their ten year experience. CCP said that it is better to take the true stories of players in the game and build the fiction around those events rather than just starting fresh with new material. If you are a decade long EVE player you may soon see your story on television.

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EVE Online News - E3 2013 - The EVE Universe Marches On

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