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EVE Online News – Delving Into the Second Decade

During the recent CCP FanFest, much time was spent on the fact that EVE Online is now a decade old and already looking ahead to the second ten years. We managed to grab Kristoffer Touborg for a chat about his vision for EVE and much more. Read this terrific interview and then head into the comments to discuss.

Blake Morse: The whole hiring from within the community seems like a fairly consistent trend with you guys. So how did you get a job at Fan Fest?

Kristoffer Touborg: It was a little bit random. There’s a session where you do alliance presentations and just sort of talk about the alliances you’re in. And I did ours and I thought I’d just write something funny and I did. CCP then asked me to come do commentary on their e-sports tournament and while I was out here I just begged for a job. I have my 5th anniversary with the company coming up just around the corner. 

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EVE Online News - Delving Into the Second Decade

EVE Online News – Peeking Into the Crystal Ball

During last week's FanFest, CCP spent a lot of time talking about the next ten years for EVE Online and what players might expect to see. These folks do not lack for ideas as you'll see in our peek into the crystal ball. Let us know what you think of the plans in the comments.

Since its launch on May 6th 2003, EVE Online has carved a niche for itself in the MMO world with a unique mix of intricacy, difficulty, and a metagame full of political inrigue. Now, on the cusp of its 10th anniversary, it seems as if parent company CCP is just beginning to scratch the surface of what they wish to accomplish with their flagship series. This year’s CCP Fan Fest, an annual celebration of all things EVE that the company holds in their hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland took a moment to reflect upon the accomplishments of the first 10 years of EVE Online’s existence, but didn’t pause there too long. This was really about the next decade and what we can expect from the ambitious series. There’s a lot to go over here, but I’ve broken down into three categories that I think best encompass the concepts, ideas and actual changes to the game itself that were represented during Fan Fest. 

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EVE Online News - Peeking Into the Crystal Ball

EVE Online News – Origins Video Debuts

Shown during last weekend's Fanfest, CCP games has released the keynote video called "EVE Online: Origins". It's a fabulous visual look at the game's history. Check it out!

EVE Online News – Fanfest News

CCP Games has sent out a boatload of announcements from this year's Fanfest. News includes the released of a special edition of EVE Online and the announcement that DUST 514 will be released on 5-14, May 14th. 

  • EVE: The 2nd Decade Collector's Edition
    • EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition contains a series of exclusive, collectible items specially crafted for the EVE Online enthusiast and celebrating the game’s tenth anniversary
  • EVE Comic Partnership with Dark Horse Comics Announced for Winter 2013
    • ?Available Winter 2013, EVE: SOURCE will be a comprehensive source book and visual guide to the expansive universe that players experience in EVE Online and DUST 514. Developed in close collaboration with CCP’s creative teams, the 184-page, full-color hardcover and digital edition will immerse readers in the history and lore of EVE through stunning artwork and never-before-released material detailing the setting, backstory, races and factions of the EVE Universe.
  • DUST 514 to Launch May 14th
    • CCP Games, the world’s leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, has announced that DUST 514® will launch on May 14, 2013. The groundbreaking, free-to-play first-person-shooter launches on PlayStation®3, and players can join the war for galactic supremacy with the ease of a free download.
  • EVE Universe Television Series Announced
    • The new television series will take its inspiration from the millions of people who have left their mark on the EVE Universe via stories submitted to the website. Kormákur's creative team, in collaboration with CCP, will create an original concept and storyline set in the EVE Universe, a future history of rival societies trapped beyond a wormhole in a dystopian sci-fi world.

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EVE Online News – First Version of the Timeline Appears

A new developer blog lays out a few details about the new EVE Timeline, a new project to collect and display the history and lore of the EVE Online universe. In addition, DUST 514 lore is being included to give players a complete picture of the history of the two games.

As of right now, we’ve launched the first version of an interactive timeline that explains the setting and lore of EVE Online and DUST 514. To begin with we’re sticking with core concepts: how the New Eden universe is discovered and colonized, how the collapse of the EVE Gate isolates the pioneers and how they eventually become the major empires and controlling forces in this dark and unforgiving universe. In coming months we will expand on the functionality of this timeline to include excerpts from the True Stories initiative as well as other accounts of significant player events. But for this first iteration, we’re focused on the setting and lore of EVE.

Check out the dev blog on the EVE Online site or head to the links above to check out the timeline.

EVE Online News - First Version of the Timeline Appears

EVE Online News – True Stories from the First Decade Site Launched

CCP Games has launched a new site to help collect stories from EVE Online players. Called "True Stories from the First Decade", the site allows players to submit anecdotal tales from their experiences within EVE Online in preparation for the game's official tenth anniversary later this spring.

 “Our players have entertained EVE’s followers for ten strong years, coming up with the most unique, inventive ideas and then acting them out amongst the stars,” said Torfi Frans Olafsson, Creative Director of the EVE Universe Intellectual Property Group. “They are the backbone of this game universe and we are proud to celebrate their stories both big and small.”

In true EVE fashion, players can tag characters, corporations, alliances and solar systems in order to add context and permanence to the events they describe, echoing the truths that reputation is of utmost importance in a shared society such as EVE and that each decision a player makes could have consequences ripple well into the future.

Read the developer blog about the True Stories project or head to the True Stories from the First Decade site to get started right away.

EVE Online News - True Stories from the First Decade Site Launched