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EVE Online News – Fanfest 2013 Sold Out

CCP Games is reporting that the EVE Online and Dust 514 Fanfast 2013 has completely sold out. The team will be making live stream opportunities available for those unable to attend in person and will be announcing details soon.

Last week, CCP Games, makers of EVE Online and DUST 514, announced the theme of Fanfest to be “EVE: The Second Decade” as the combined EVE Universe approaches 10 years of continuous growth following a hugely successful free winter expansion in EVE Online: Retribution and the open beta for the free-to-play PlayStation®3 exclusive MMOFPS (massively multiplayer online first-person shooter) DUST 514.  DUST recently joined EVE on the same server cluster, providing an even larger universe and the much-anticipated Orbital Strike feature between the two games.

Check out more of the details on the Fanfest 2013 site.

EVE Online News – Rubicon Launch Trailer Released

Even though the EVE Online expansion, Rubicon, doesn't officially launch until Tuesday, November 19th, players can check out the launch trailer. See what you think and get ready for Tuesday's release!

EVE Online News – Rubicon Live Stream on November 14th

Looking for a sneak peak of the EVE Online winter expansion? If so, you'll want to join CCP devs as they host a live stream for Rubicon. The event will take place on November 14th.

  This Thursday, at 19:00 UTC, CCP will be hosting an EVE Online: Rubicon live stream in association with Twitch.

CCP Guard will be speaking with CCP Seagull regarding the long term vision for EVE Online as we move firmly into the second decade, and will be exploring the contents of the newly released Second Decade Collector's Edition, before giving a recap on EVE Vegas and other recent player gatherings that have been hosted around the world.

CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise will also be on board to talk about the upcoming ship balancing that will be arriving with EVE Online: Rubicon, along with the new Sister's of EVE hulls, and the the new deployable structures that are arriving on November 19.

In addition, CCP Paradox and CCP SoniClover will follow with details on player owned customs offices, the new Mobile Siphon Unit and the long awaited abilty to swap Tech 3 subsystems in space, along with CCP karkur who will be on hand to discuss the UI changes that will be released in Rubicon next week.

We are also happy to announce that we will be debuting the EVE Online: Rubicon expansion trailer during the stream, as well as hosting the random giveaway of three Second Decade Collector's Editions during the course of the live stream.

Check out the rest of the details on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Rubicon Live Stream on November 14th

EVE Online News – Dev Blog Details Rubicon’s “Ghost Sites”

A new dev blog has surfaced on the EVE site detailing one of the many features being added to the MMO when the Rubicon expansion lands on November 19th. Read on for more details.

The recurring theme of Rubicon, according to CCP, is speed and going places you're not meant to be. With that in mind, these Ghost Sites will offer new places to explore, loot to claim, and dangers to face. From the blog:

One major part of this turning point is the Rubicon feature we're calling “Ghost Sites”. These are a new type of PvE (Player versus Environment) content that, in EVE’s universe of New Eden, are the stages for some very dangerous and clandestine experiments that the pirate factions engage in despite the express disapproval of the four empires. These experiments aren't just going to end quietly – they are tied in with both ongoing lore and actual gameplay.

 On the lore side, we employed several resources to help underline how things are going way too fast: There will be events, news pieces, and even a new chronicle, that all tie in with the idea of Ghost Sites, what they're for and why they are causing serious concern in high levels of empire governments.

On the gameplay side, the sites are designed for fast-paced, often dangerous action, and may reward you (if you are quick and lucky) with items that either complement the speed of your vessel or assist in claiming your own area of space while trying very hard to avoid detection.

So what are these Ghost Sites?

They are pirate faction anomalies that will crop up in all parts of space. If you're lucky enough to come across one, it'll automatically appear on your system scanner. The moment that the first player enters a Ghost Site, an invisible and random timer will start ticking. You will never know how long until the traps laid by the pirates might explode, shredding your bulkheads and leaving you adrift in your pod.

Your objective, if you wish to risk life and limb (well … your crew's lives and limbs) is to hack your way into the sites 4 research facilities, grab whatever you find, and get out as fast as you can. At the moment, hacking is only found in exploration-style environments, so we decided it would be fun to shake that up and see how it works under pressure-cooker circumstances.  You will only have one chance to hack, if you fail you will set off the containers security and they will explode. While Ghost Sites are not exploration sites, you'll still need to use either a data or relic analyzer to access the vaults. If you're successful in hacking, you'll be given loot (which won't be scattered), but if you take too long, the pirates will be alerted to your presence and will warp in to attack you.  The pirates are there just to protect their loot and will not be carrying any items in their cargo or have a bounty on their heads. As I mentioned, these sites are related to dangerous experiments, and the pirates desperately do not want the capsuleers to steal the fruit of their labors. When they realize that they have an intruder in their midst, they will blow up the research facilities, causing damage to everyone in the vicinity.

Read the rest over at the EVE site for details on where they'll appear, loot they'll contain, and more.

EVE Online News - Dev Blog Details Rubicon's "Ghost Sites"

EVE Online News – Crossing the Rubicon

During last weekend's EVE Online event in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to find out more about the next expansion, Rubicon. We've got lots to tell so head through the jump and check it out!

One of the biggest new features is the Mobile Deployment Structures. The MDS’s give players several convenient features that vary depending on which of the four you have available. The Mobile Depot allows you to access your stash and make changes to your ships. It’s sort of a portable space home. The depot can be deployed just about anywhere and has a special 48 hour reinforcement. Be wary of your placement though, as anyone who finds it can still scan it and, eventually, blow it up.

Read more of Blake Morse's EVE Online: Crossing the Rubicon.

e more approachable for new players.

EVE Online News - Crossing the Rubicon

EVE Online News – First Hand Preview Of EVE Valkyrie

EVE Online: Valkyrie is poised to set the gaming world on its ear with a unique gaming perspective. We recently had the opportunity to get a first hand on look at the game and have a terrific preview to share. Read on before heading to the comments to chat.

Later on, as E3 was coming to a close I approached CCP’s Global CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson during an event the company was throwing after hours. So, I may have had a few drinks in me as I rambled in his ear about how he was sitting on a goldmine with E:VR and had to make it a real game and not just an interesting tech demo that might be something later. So you can probably thank me for getting us here as it would seem Hilmar heeded my call and the world will soon know how awesome EVE: Valkyrie is for themselves.

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EVE Online News - First Hand Preview Of EVE Valkyrie