EVE Online News – New $10,000 Tournament Announced

CCP Games and own3D.tv have announced a cooperative eSports tournament for EVE Online. Winners of the tournament will split a $10,000 purse. Tournament brackets will start in November with the conclusion in December.

Each team will consist between eight and 24 players, with eight being the minimum required team size and 24 being the maximum team size allowed. The total number of players submitted is at the discretion of the team captain. It is important to note that payment of any prize to a winning team will be paid by own3D.tv directly to all players listed in a team.

There will be a total number of 32 teams participating in this tournament and all teams who enter will do so through an online auction held on Saturday, October 19. More details on that later in the blog.

Read all of the details on the EVE Online community site.


EVE Online News - New $10,000 Tournament Announced

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