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EVE Online News – Dev Incursion Could Happen Any Time

The official EVE Online blog has been updated with the news that a new CCP dev incursion is likely to happen at nearly any time. During the incursion, the dev fleet will make its way from Polaris to an unspecified location to 'rain vengeance upon any who dare come our way'. For those with long memories, this also happened in 2011.

  In New Eden, the holidays are a much more dangerous time. Presents aren't exchanged as much as they are pried from the cold, dead hands of all those who dared stand in your way. And it's in that spirit that the Dev Incursion will roll out.

Once CCP is out in force, it's up to you players to come out and get rid of us! Get your friends and form a fleet and come to make us pay. But be careful, because we definitely will not pull any punches. Last year, we had several rather epic slugfests that ended in much death on both sides. This year will not be any different.

Find out more about the dev incursion on the EVE Online site.

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EVE Online News – Retribution Now Live

CCP Games has announced that the Winter Expansion for EVE Online is now live. Retribution brings big changes into the game with rebalancing of every frigate, cruiser and destroyer as well as a new "Crimewatch" overhaul.

“The EVE Universe has always been alive, filled with the choices of the hundreds of thousands of pilots who’ve lived in it,” said Jon Lander, Executive Producer of EVE Online. “With Retribution we’ve made many far reaching changes and I believe that EVE will feel revitalized as we head into our second decade.”

Check out the full list of changes on the EVE Online: Retribution page.

EVE Online News - Retribution Now Live

Dragon Nest News – Rebirth Walkthrough Video Launched

Nexon and also the Dragon Nest team have actually released a brand new walkthrough video to flaunt each one of the brand-new content that has actually been added to the video game with the Resurrection upgrade. The upgrade attributes a level cap boost, five brand-new dungeons and a new zone for gamers to check out. Check it out!

EVE Online News – EVE Needs Your Help for MoMA Display

The EVE Online team has detailed its plans for the display that will be shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. To help create it, CCP is looking for players' help on December 9th to make "A Day in the Life of EVE".

So we call on you. Let‘s make Sunday, December 9th the most interesting day in the history of New Eden and capture it to be archived forever in the nuclear-apocalypse-proof vaults of the MoMA. Our infographics will display market activity, NPC kills, player kills, jumps and all those metrics that explain how vibrant and alive our world is. The player captured gameplay videos will give it a human face. Whatever you are doing that night, whether it is running plexes, hauling ore, hunting with a small gang in losec, or fighting in a large fleet engagement, we ask that you record it, both video and sound and chatter, upload it and allow us to celebrate it in a montage of New Eden awesomeness. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to run that massive fleet op you‘ve been planning.

Read the full post on the EVE Online site.


EVE Online News - EVE Needs Your Help for MoMA Display

EVE Online News – One of 14 Video Games in New MoMA Display

EVE Online has been chosen as one of only fourteen video games to be featured in a new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The exhibit is expected to open in March of 2013.

"As we are poised to enter our second decade of growth and prosperity, it is an indescribable honor for us and for everyone who's ever worked on EVE   to even be considered alongside these fellow revolutionary games" said Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO of CCP. "We're proud of our developers for envisioning and shaping EVE Online's unique game universe and most humbly thankful to our players for bringing true substance to it."

Read the official press release and find out what other games were chosen on the MoMA site.

EVE Online News - One of 14 Video Games in New MoMA Display

Dragon Nest News – EU Variation Formally Launches

Video game Combination has actually revealed that the European variation of Dragon Nest has officially introduced. Baseding on the publisher, web servers have actually not been reset so individuals in the shut beta will locate their characters waiting.

To maintain things fascinating, there are lot of Kick-Off events running at the moment. For a restricted time simply, throughout the weekend break, a special in-game Pet will be handed out. All players will also be encouraged to level up and also produce their guild to get special rewards for the whole month of March. Now is the time to begin the impressive adventure in-game and also drive action to victory a MINI Cooper Roadster.

Discover more on the Dragon Nest EU site.

Dragon Nest News - EU Version Officially Launches