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EVE Online News – 10th Fanfest Tickets On Sale, Relaunch in China & More

The EVE Online PR team has been busy this morning with a trio of news items of interest to readers. First off the bat, the 10th Anniversary Fanfest tickets are on sale. Additionally, EVE has been rereleased in China and the game now sports over 450,000 players worldwide.

In addition to the game’s relaunch in China, CCP also announced that the recent launch of the game’s 18th free expansion, EVE Online: Retribution, has also helped the game cross the 450,000-subscriber mark for the first time in its nearly ten-year history. "Because of the tremendous effort of the team at CCP, we can proudly say that EVE Online has grown every year since its launch in 2003,” added Pétursson.

Find out more about all the exciting news on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - 10th Fanfest Tickets On Sale, Relaunch in China & More

EVE Online News – Holiday Gifts Incoming

The EVE Online blog has been updated with the news that a pair of gifts will be arriving in players' inboxes in the very near future. The first, a snowball launcher, is expected to be handed out on December 13th and players are encouraged to head to the 'redeem item' page to grab it. The second is a mystery box that will head to inboxes on the 20th.

The holiday gifts this year celebrate the season and the community, starting with a new twist on the snowball launcher and a sizable stack of new snowballs. Those are scheduled to go out to players on the Thursday the 13th, so make sure to log in, grab them from the redeem items page and let loose in the nearest snowball fight. On the 20th, you’re going to find a mystery box waiting for you, filled with a range of goodies, many referencing familiar places, events and memes spanning the past 10 years of EVE Online. Additionally, on the 27th you’ll receive yet another package with a rather unique new gift we are sure you’ll enjoy. All of these will be available through the redeeming system

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EVE Online News - Holiday Gifts Incoming

Dragon Nest Information – New Chapter in Apocrypha 2 Launched

Nexon has actually revealed that the following chapter in the Dragon Nest Apocrypha 2 has been launched. Gamers can locate 2 new dungeon growths, new accessories and crests and what devs are calling all brand-new game key ins the Dragon Exploration.

In the brand new Apocrypha 2 Chapter, Jasmine is back with a new military that is set on conquering Altera at last. Players at degree 50 as well as up will be able to access the 3 new Dungeons brought in with the new Apocrypha 2 Chapter and battle in the battle versus Jasmine, with interesting brand-new main, side as well as daily pursuits. Extra brand-new locations in the Apocrypha 2 chapter include The Land of the Dead- Alnuut Valley, The City of Desert- Tel Rosa Streets, and the Occupied Temple.

Players at level 60 and up will certainly get access to the portal to the new Dragon Expedition in the Yard of Eternity (Lvl 60) and also fight in strong battles to help conserve Altera by beating the Mobius Realm, with 50 brand-new objectives, new titles, brand-new costumes consisting of Degree 15 Magic Costumes, brand-new special recipes for cooking abilities as well as a brand-new Manticore pet dog! The Dragon Exploration is for two-player participating play, calling for teamwork as well as coordination to complete it.

Discover much more on the Dragon Nest website.

Dragon Nest News - New Chapter in Apocrypha 2 Released

EVE Online News – Serenity History Detailed

The EVE Online developer blog has been updated with a comprehensive article detailing the history of the Serenity server. The ostensible goal of the post is to correct "incomplete and sometimes misleading" information about the server that largely caters to the Chinese EVE community.

The situation with Serenity is quite different than with Tranquility in that Tranquility is completely operated internally by CCP, while Serenity is operated by TianCity.  The servers are in their infrastructure and they perform all maintenance and updates to the Serenity cluster.  Initially, CCP helped TianCity set up the servers and get EVE running on them, as well as their websites, integrating their billing system with EVE and fine-tuning for their environment.  Over the last several months of the beta test, TianCity have gradually taken on more and more of the daily operations and now run the Serenity cluster with little assistance from CCP.  CCP develop new feature expansions for EVE and they are translated and adapted in minor ways for China, at which point TianCity deploys them to the Serenity server, according to a schedule best suited for the Chinese market.

Read the full post on the EVE Online site.


EVE Online News - Serenity History Detailed

Dragon Nest Information – Desert Dragon Nest Contributed to the Game

High degree Dragon Nest players will enjoy to know that the latest current brings a new zone for expedition. The new zone gives gamers the possibility to rack up brand-new advanced equipment as well as consists of 3 new zones and also seven entrances.

With this new update, gamers will now be able to explore the Desert Ship, Dry Mirage Yard, Tornado Lookout Tower, Desert Dragon Holy place, Mushroom Rock Valley as well as several other brand-new locations. This upgrade likewise brings 2 new mini video games, “& ldquo; Find Ed & rsquo; s Jar & rdquo; and also & ldquo; Damage the Cactus, & rdquo; which supply additional incentives.

As part of the brand-new material upgrade, the trouble degree for the 5 alreadying existing Dragon Nests,– Cereberus, Manticore, Armageddon, Archbishop and also Titan– will certainly be increased to lv. 60. Players will certainly be able to pick up new nest benefits, consisting of legendary equipment and top quality Stimulates.

Just in time for Halloween, special holiday-themed outfits, rewards and also items will additionally be offered to players based on the quantity of time invested in video game. Unique things consist of pumpkin heads, a spider decal, devil’& rsquo; s tail, ghost change potions as well as sour apple sweet.

Find out much more on the Dragon Nest site.

Dragon Nest News - Desert Dragon Nest Added to the Game

Dragon Nest News – White Cupid Load Free gift! has actually partnered with Nexon to give away a variety of crucial codes redeemable for a Dragon Nest White Cupid Load.

Each White Cupid Pack will certainly provide you:

• & bull; White Cupid Wings (7 days) –– An aesthetic thing that will certainly likewise enhance your statistics. Lasts for7 days.

• & bull; Traveler & rsquo; s Bag(5 ports)– Will permanently enhance your stock by 5 ports.

• & bull; Extra Storage space (5 slots) – Will completely boost your product storage space by 5 slots.

• & bull; Dreamy Authorization Stamps –– Allows you to “& ldquo; Unbind & rdquo; a product. Coveted by users who would like to re-sell their old gear. A plan of 10.

• & bull; Dreamy Thing Protection Jelly –– Allows you to secure your devices while improving. A package of 10.

Each essential code benefits one White Cupid Pack as well as this code can be redeemed below.

We'' ll be doing points a little bit in different ways this time, though! In order to score yourself a White Cupid Load key, you'' ll need to follow our Twitter account @MMORPGCom as well as try to find these tricks to go out in sets of 3 throughout the day. We'' ll be providing keys out for a few days, so if you miss out today, simply inspect back tomorrow!

Dragon Nest News - White Cupid Pack Giveaway!