Dragon Nest News – Assassin Course Added to SEA Variation

Cherry Credits has actually announced that the Assassin usable course has actually been included in Dragon Nest SEA. According to Cherry Credits, the introduction of the Assassin, stated to bring an entire new means to play the game, has doubled the Korean population of Dragon Nest. Whether this is an indication that the Assassin will make its means to the NA/EU version or otherwise is unclear.

In addition to the Assassin, the launch also introduces the first upgrade course of the Assassin, the Chaser. Having actually acquired murder strategies from ancient times, Chasers use hidden shadow weapons to pursue as well as quietly take down adversaries. Chasers can go through a second lesson upgrade to end up being either a Ripper who focuses on bodily ninja skills, or a Raven that focuses on using hidden tools to eliminate their opponents.

The Assassins are additionally the fabulous to introduce 2 brand-new mechanics to the game: a stealth system which allows players to strike while they are hidden from view, as well as a demanding system that permits ability cool-downs to be lengthened to supply higher damage the following time it is utilized.

Find out more on the Dragon Nest SEA official site.

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