Dragon Nest News – New Update Brings in Dungeons, Level 70 Cap, Advanced Skills

Dragon Nest gamers will delight in a range of new innovative character skills, a new degree 70 cap and also a brand-new location called Arendel. The video game will also continuously assist players get to level 60 by hosting events during the month of March. Instances of the new dungeons opening to players:

Roiling Expanse: Numerous of the once verdant lands bordering the Elven kingdom have actually ended up being completely dry and also barren as Arendel’& rsquo; s Tree of Life expands weaker. Rich woodlands are changed with dry deserts as well as a rolling sandstorm now blankets the area.

Sea of Dust: Poisonous substance is gradually eliminating the Tree of Life, and as a result, this lovely valley has become a barren marsh. An enormous scorpion called Superpredator Antares prowls the land, searching for target.

Halfmoon Desert: As they besiege Arendel, the Dragon Cultists develop a base camp in this risky desert. One of the ancients, the terrifying undead Emperor Sebek, regulations this land and also influences its pressures.

Read more regarding the current on the main Dragon Nest internet site.

Dragon Nest News - New Update Adds Dungeons, Level 70 Cap, Advanced Skills

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