Dragon Nest News – Hardcore Mode Introduced to Challenge cream of the crop

Shanda Games has announced that a new hardcore Desert Dragon Nest method has been presented right into the Dragon Nest EU version of the game. In hardcore method, players will certainly have to fight with all phase managers and the dragon itself within a forty-minute period. Additionally, the group has actually overhauled numerous personality classes paving the way, according to designers, for future character builds.

Ability Balancing and also Stone of True blessing

With 6 classes being around for fairly some time now, some small changes to the skill balance were in order. The course with the most adjustments is the warrior, particularly the sub-classes Moon God and Gladiator. In terms of game play, the Rock of Blessing is patched this month; a thing alreadying existing just 3 times on the entire web server, which gives an amazing buff to the holder, and all party participants.

Look into the Dragon Nest EU page to learn more.

Dragon Nest News - Hardcore Mode Introduced to Challenge the Elite

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