Dragon Nest News – New Pirate Mini-Game

Action MMO Dragon Nest Europe this week added some whimsical content in the pirate-themed Continent Expedition. Players will follow in the footsteps of the Pirate King Loffy, searching for treasure chests and the keys to unlock them.

Treasures include pirate-y items like a tricorn hat with a parrot topper or other items like Dark Fairy Wings. In addition to the Continent Expedition, level 40 Nests are being revamped as level 60 versions and pets are now enabled to talk and fight. The new Manticore pet is a total wise-ass and goes perfectly with the new summer beach-wear that's been added to the Cash Shop as well as the new playable character makeovers.

For further information about the new summer content, visit the Dragon Nest website.

Aw…cute lil' Manticore.

Dragon Nest News - New Pirate Mini-Game


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