Dragon Nest News – New Raid – The Rise of the Black Dragon

Dragon Nest Europe is upping the ante for high level players by adding the Black Dragon Nest, the most difficult raid in existence at the current level cap.

This level 70 dungeon lets up to 8 players take down the dread beast threatening to destroy Saint Haven and earn pieces of special Black Dragon gear. Once they've conquered this new challenge, players can move on to three other new dungeons: The Swamp of Dead Night, the SIlver Crescent Training Ground, and the Forest of the Waiting Noon. Clearing these rewards players with crafting, magic and skill talismans.

Along with releasing new dungeon content, publisher Shanda Games is celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Dragon Nest Europe by giving players gifts like a Mecha Duck Hat, pet hats and other festive items. They're also bringing a new mount to the Deluxe Box – Kid Vicious, the Rockstar Giraffe. (?!)

For more information about the new dungeons or the new shop items, check out the official Dragon Nest Europe website.

C'mon, you know you want that Rockstar Giraffe.

Dragon Nest News - New Raid - The Rise of the Black Dragon

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