EVE Online News – The Road to Inferno and Beyond

We had boots on the ground during the recent EVE Online Fanfest and we've got the full report about what the CCP team has in mind for the iconic game. See what's in store!

If Crucible was an apology to legions of disgruntled space-adventurers, then CCP's latest addition to Eve Online, Inferno, is a love letter. Following a traumatic 2011, the Icelandic developer is like a husband shamed by infidelity – it had a brief flirtation with micro transactions, but now they are back, flowers in hand, head hung, and ready to call the couch a bed until the players are ready to allow them back into their affections.

Read more of Adam Tingle's EVE Online: The Road to Inferno and Beyond.


EVE Online News - The Road to Inferno and Beyond

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