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EVE Online News – The Serpentâ

Naysayers aside, many EVE Online players are enjoying something called F-U-N. In his latest One Jump Home column,'s Ross McDermott talks about some of the good times he's been enjoying in game and predicts that the future of EVE is still quite bright. Check it out and then leave us your comments.

And so, fun was had. Some followed, most were hesitant, and few considered the political ramifications of their actions. It took two pilots, two from Test Alliance Please Ignore and one from Elite Space Guild – The Alliance I happen to be the CEO of – to get caught in the crossfire before it all came tumbling down. After a night of fanciful free-flying through Delve, the fleet of Pandemic Legion, TEST and ESG were ready to pack up their bags. Good fights were nowhere to be had and tiredness and boredom were beginning to take hold. Sleepy pilots were ready for their beds, so ships were hauled towards the system known as 1DH and all the gates were green.

Read more of Ross McDermott's One Jump Home: The Serpent’s Apple.


EVE Online News - The Serpentâ

EVE Online News – Perks for New Subscribers

New EVE Online players who convert to a subscription will receive a Cerebral Accelerator implant. In addition, if a person invited through the Buddy Program subscribes, players will receive a limited edition Apotheosis ship.

Check out the full details on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Perks for New Subscribers

EVE Online News – The Gallente Talos

CCP Guard has posted a great new look at the Gallente Talos, a new ship that will arrive with the Winter expansion to EVE online.

The Talos was heavily influenced by the winning entry in the recent EVE Online: Design a Starship contest held on Deviant Art. Michael Shierup's ship was originally named Seraphim but it was decided to rename the battlecruiser Talos after the Grecian guardian of the island of Crete.

Find out more about the Talos on the EVE Online blog.

EVE Online News - The Gallente Talos

EVE Online News – Free Live Stream of FanFest 2012

CCP Games has announced that EVE TV will be live streaming this year's Fanfest. The cost to viewers? Absolute zero. During Fanfest, the team will be discussing the EVE Online: Inferno summer expansion and will present the first hands-on demo of DUST 514 in addition to panel discussions, tournaments and much more.

EVE Online News - Free Live Stream of FanFest 2012

EVE Online News – Wayback Wednesday Live Stream TONIGHT!

We'll be hosting our first 'Wayback Wednesday' live stream tonight beginning at 8:30 p.m. CST (9:30 EST, 7:30 MST, 6:30 PST). For our first blast from the past, we'll be streaming EVE Online. Check out the Live Stream page and talk shop with our gamer crew.


EVE Online News - Wayback Wednesday Live Stream TONIGHT!

EVE Online News – CCP Planning Overhaul of Ship Training

EVE Online News - CCP Planning Overhaul of Ship Training

CCP is announcing some big changes coming soon to EVE Online's ship training in the name of balancing the game moving forward.

Writing on the devblog, CCP Ytterbium outlines the changes. The first overhaul that CCP is considering has to do with cleaning up both ship progression and skill requirements.

Current ship progression looks like the chart above, and current design along with racial skill requirements have caused several issues to manifest. The proposal to fix things includes streamlining ship training by rearranging skill requirements for certain ships, and overall creating a system that is more intuitive and organized.

"To sum up, this means that tech 1 sub-capital vessels would take a bit longer to train for (from 9 to 17 days for Battleships for instance), capitals would be less time consuming (30 days faster) and tech 2 ships like Interdictors and Command Ships would require 14-20 less days to train for."

The full devblog fleshes out the proposals for improvement, as well as illustrating them for easier understanding. CCP seems to be going back to EVE's roots in several ways recently, far from last year's controversies.