EVE Online News – The Grind

After the excitement of the Winter and Christmas wars in the north, it appears, at least to us, that the battling corporations are engaged now in mop up activities. See what else is happening in our latest EVE Online column, One Jump Home.

The 'War' in the North has ground down to a series of small bush-fires being repeatedly set by a horde of enemies who, while once presented a wall of angry Vikings, have now died down to a group of irritating and annoying Vikings. Not particularly interested in making a real push for the spoils of war held behind the POS shields, but rather just making sure that you don't enjoy your lunch or rest easy – effectively being satisfied by the fact you know that they're always there. Acting like a persistent housefly that won't go away probably wasn't RaidenDOT's intention when they made their 'Great push' back into Branch, but this is ultimately the effect they have achieved.

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EVE Online News - The Grind

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