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EVE Online News – Fan Fest 2012 Announced

The EVE Online blog has been updated with the dates for Fanfest 2012 to be held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The annual event will be held from March 22-24, 2012 in a brand new venue called the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre.

As always, the event is a packed series of activities, game play and discussions:

Get ready for another crazy weekend of:

Read the full post on the EVE Online blog.

EVE Online News - Fan Fest 2012 Announced

EVE Online News – Winter Expansion and the Future of EVE Managing Editor Bill Murphy spent some quality time with EVE Online's Ned Coker (CCP Manifest), Scott Holden (CCP Molok), and Nick Blood (CCP Dropbear) during PAX. The discussion centered around two main topics: The winter expansion and the future of EVE. Check out what Bill discovered and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

The winter expansion, which will land before the end of the calendar year, is all about continuing the work started with Dominion. There will be a multitude of 0.0 changes, sovereignty cap changes, supercap changes, and resource distribution to help make the lay of the land and the society at war aspects of EVE Online much more compelling… basically it’s CCP’s way of shaking up the game’s balance because they feel like it’s become a little too predictable of late.

Read more of Bill Murphy's EVE Online: PAX – Winter Expansion and the Future of EVE.


EVE Online News - Winter Expansion and the Future of EVE

EVE Online News – The Mittani Speaks Out

EVE Online has seen its share of controversy over the past several months and bloggers across the globe have been speaking out. One of the most prominent is The Mittani, leader of the largest EVE alliances, Goonswarm Federation. He's posted a stinging article about what he calls "the stagnation of EVE since Incarna. caught up with The Mittani to talk about the controversy and more. Read on!

So you’re of the belief that EVE is being used lately merely as a testbed for World of Darkness. Do you have any proof of this, or is it merely a feeling you and others have over recent content updates to EVE?

CCP has made no secret of the fact that the Carbon code framework is intended to provide a code-base for all three of its titles – EVE, Dust 514 and World of Darkness. That Incarna is a framework for the World of Darkness engine isn’t a matter of speculation.

Read more of Bill Murphy's interview EVE Online: The Mittani Speaks Out.

<> EVE Online News - The Mittani Speaks Out

EVE Online News – A Blood Red Storm

In the latest edition of One Jump Home, columnist and EVE Online Council of Stellar Management member, Ross McDermott, has once again penned an excellent article about the latest happenings in the EVE Online world. It's a great read and takes on recent events involving Russian alliances and more. Keep reading!

Militarily, the Russian bloc has once again kicked off a monstrous internal squabble that sees Triple A and Stainwagon, formerly a collective power-bloc involved in a fist-fight with Legion of xXDEATHXx and Solar Fleet. This isn't unusual, the Russian houses have long been at war with one another, and never have they all seen eye to eye. Once the technetium fields in the North were secured, the forces of RaidenDOT, NCDOT and WhiteNoise more or less immediately deployed to the South to begin a campaign of pain against the collective southern Russian forces.

Read more of Ross McDermott's One Jump Home: A Blood Red Storm.


EVE Online News - A Blood Red Storm

EVE Online News – New Wiki Beta Makes Its Debut

EVE Online players who know the game inside and out may want to head over to the new and improved beta version of the EVE Online Wiki. Devs have implemented several structural changes as well as removed the moderation queue and more.

EVElopedia and you! I’m thinking most of you will just want somewhere you can go search for a guide on advanced mining techniques, how to be a space ninja, or who are the Goonswarm – I like you people. A lot of you however will want to make new articles or update old ones – I hold you people close to my heart. Some stalwart souls will even want to really get involved and help us develop and progress the EVElopedia – you are my special people.

If you want to help further, how do you do it? We have a volunteer team (named YARR, much to their modest delight) who help us develop, support and moderate the EVElopedia. These guys liaise with you and then talk to us about what you need and require and then we get that implemented (new extension, hate the font size, etc). They happen to be recruiting!

Read more about the EVE Online wiki.

EVE Online News - New Wiki Beta Makes Its Debut

EVE Online News – Incarna v1.1 Coming September 1

CCP has posted the mostly-finalized version of the EVE Online: Incarna v1.1 patch notes. The patch is scheduled to arrive on September 1st and will bring the new official forums online, fixes to the Captain's Quarters, some localization issues will be resolved and several Mac bugs will be ironed out.

New official EVE Forums

  • A new player forum will be added to EVE Gate and will replace the old forum on It will include the same forum functionality previously enjoyed by the community, along with additional features:
    • Simple and advanced search options.
    • An option to choose between normal or compact view for the threads.
    • Ability to “Like” posts and see number of Likes per post.
    • Each thread has an option to "Tag as Favorite"; this will add it to your Favorites page so you can easily find it again and quickly spot any new activity in the thread.
    • A quick reply function that allows you to post a reply to a thread without loading a reply page with full formatting options.
    • A character dropdown list full of handy options, such as sending EVE Mail or going to their EVE Gate profile via one click, or the number of Likes the user has received in total on the forums.
    • RSS feeds for threads and search criteria.
    • DEV, GM, CSM, ISD and External Partner characters have a colored badge overlay on their avatar. Additionally DEV and GM badges have been added on EVE Gate profiles.
    • Forum Settings will now be located on your EVE Gate profile settings page, retaining the usual functionality of toggling corporation/alliance information.
  • The old forums will be cast out into space to be frozen in time and remain fully viewable, but in a read-only mode. Threads and posts from the old forums will not be included in the new forums.

Read the full patch notes on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Incarna v1.1 Coming September 1