EVE Online News – Arnar ‘CCP Zulu’ Gylfason Steps Down

EVE Online's senior producer, Arnar "CCP Zulu" Gylfason has officially relinquished the reins after eighteen tumultuous months at the forefront of development for EVE. Jon "CCP Unifex" Lander will be taking over the helm . Gylfason has penned a short farewell and Lander posted an introduction and vision for the future of EVE Online.

The task ahead of us in 2012 is not to be taken lightly. We are changing EVE’s internal project structure to bring it in line with a product that has nearly 200 people working on it and making sure that everyone is concentrating on delivering a game which has real value for our players. As well as changing the project organization, we will also be spending time on improving our internal tools, pipelines and processes to improve our efficiency and effectiveness for the future.

Read both letters on the EVE Online blog.


EVE Online News - Arnar 'CCP Zulu' Gylfason Steps Down

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