EVE Online News – Blood on the Snow

EVE Online is a very complex place to call one's home.  In our latest One Jump Home column, we explore the depths of the Drone Regions, the heart of the Russian empire in EVE: UAxDeath, and how one man turned the space into an industrial behemoth.

When CCP added the Drone Regions to EVE Online, the scuttle to acquire them can be said to have taken its time. With hundreds of systems full of mediocre moon minerals and NPCs that did not reward the player with flat ISK, but rather a large handful of mineral compounds – The community was perplexed at best. How were players supposed to survive in these regions? Who would fight to defend them? Who would care? Few bothered to answer that question, but one Russian man saw what the purpose of the space truly was: Industrialist nullsec heaven. That man is arguably one of the most famous men in EVE, that man is arguably one of the best Russian politicians in EVE. That man is UAxDeath.

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EVE Online News - Blood on the Snow

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