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Dragon Nest News – EU Service Starting March 6th

eFusion has announced that the EU hosted Dragon Nest will officially open its doors on March 6th. The second phase of "Drive Your Action" will commence when retail service launches. The winner of the event will be awarded a Mini Cooper.
Dragon Nest Europe, one of the highly anticipated action RPG of 2013 will be officially open for all players in Europe from the 6th of March. All Dragon Nest Europe players will be able to download the European version and play it right after the Closed Beta has ended. Eventually, the doors will open for all players who are eager to experience a very fast action and an immersive fantasy world without suffering from latency issues in Europe.

Find out more on the Dragon Nest EU site.

Dragon Nest News - EU Service Starting March 6th

Dragon Nest News – Edge of Darkness Patch Deployed

Nexon has announced that the Dragon Nest patch called "Edge of Darkness" has been deployed. The patch brings a pair of new dungeons, a new event, the 1v1 PvP ladder and several key Dragon Vault items into the game.

Two new level 15+ dungeons have been added to the game:

  • Rozin Sanctuary: This dungeon can be chosen from the Edge of Darkness tab –> Rozin Sanctuary channel. After that, players will need a pass from the NPC Priestess of Darkness to enter. The dungeon does not cost any Empowerment Points but players do not receive any XP for entering Rozin Sanctuary.
  • Jealous Atrium: Up to four players can enter the Jealous Atrium which is played in 24 rounds. Players are charged with protecting the Goddess's statue from increasing numbers of enemies and slaying all enemies in every round. Players are only gifted one life and the dungeon ends when the entire party dies. Rewards are given based on the number of completed rounds.

<> The Daredevil Faire has also been added to the game where players can try out various, yet atypical, carnival games. The games seem to be a 'survival of the fittest' type and rewards are said to be "beyond your wildest dreams".  Events take place in several dungeons.

Dragon Nest News – Celebrating Its First Birthday

From now through October 6th, Nexon and the Dragon Nest team will be running a series of in game events and other celebratory excitement in acknowledgement of the game's first anniversary. The official birthday for Dragon Nest is September 28th. Players logging in that day will receive a special hat in honor of the celebration. Check out this special anniversary video!

Dragon Nest News – Open Beta Around the Corner – Official Website Launches

Nexon is happy to announce that, with Dragon Nest's Open Beta right around the corner, they've celebrated by launching the game's official site over at Dragon Nest's Open Beta begins on July 26th.

The website brings together everything fans need to stay up to date on the highly anticipated Action MMORPG from Nexon America and Eyedentity Games:

* A listing of upcoming in-game events, including special events taking place during the OBT
* Community forums
* Videos and screenshots
* Developer blogs
* A link to download the game client (available July 26)
* Guides to character classes, NPCs, dungeons and more

Visit the new, Official Dragon Nest Website.

Dragon Nest News - Open Beta Around the Corner - Official Website Launches

Dragon Nest News – Mark Your Calendars for September 28th

Nexon has announced that the official retail launch date for Dragon Nest will be on Wednesday, September 28th.

To celebrate the launch, the team has plans to implement a large content update that will include a new central town, new dungeons, five hundred new quests and an increased level cap to 32. From the press release: Each specialization will have six to eight new skills to master, such as: the Sharpshooter’s Rain of Arrows, the Mystic’s Gravity Crush, the Mercenary’s Whirlwind, the Paladin’s Divine Punishment and other powerful new skills.

Current open beta players will retain all of their characters, gear and progress when the game reaches retail launch.

Read more about Dragon Nest.
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Dragon Nest News - Mark Your Calendars for September 28th

Dragon Nest News – Closed Beta Apps Being Accepted

Nexon has updated the official Dragon Nest site with a new button to apply for the closed beta. Dragon Nest is an anime-flavored action MMORPG set to debut later this year.

The trouble began, as these stories so often do, with a crime. Lucius, the favored son of Desmodeus, the ruler of the gods, stole his father's lustre and used its power to create his own world. Furious at his son and desperate to reclaim the powerful lustre, Desmodeus consulted Galantia, the sage of the gods. It was she who told him that only a mortal from the world he had been dreaming of could retrieve the lost lustre. Alas, such a retrieval would come at great cost. Desmodeus would lose what was most precious to him.

Find out more and sign up for closed beta testing on the official Dragon Nest site.

Dragon Nest News - Closed Beta Apps Being Accepted