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EVE Online News – Launching Subscribers Into Space

Well, that's not literally true. However during the EVE Fanfest to be held later this year, every subscriber's name as of December 31st will be printed and included in a special EVE pod to be attached to a high altitude balloon and sent into orbit.

Powered by the laws of physics and mysterious Terran technology, the spacefaring vessel will travel to altitudes exceeding 100,000 feet and into the realm of near space. A camera will record the voyage of all EVE capsuleers, united in one fleet for the first time, as they crest the curve of the planet. The vistas should be a familiar sight for those who fly around in the EVE Universe on a regular basis.

We'll keep you posted as more details emerge.

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EVE Online News - Launching Subscribers Into Space

EVE Online News – Let the Voting Commence

CCP Games has announced that the voting booths are now open for EVE Is Real, an online "museum" filled with player-created images, videos and more. Fans are asked to vote for their favorites. Winners in the image voting contest will receive one of twenty video cards. The winner of the video contest will be awarded the grand prize high-end PC.

Voting is simple and easy and everyone can vote for one image and one video per day. Prizes include 20 video cards for image winners and a grand prize of a high-end Dell PC for the video contest winner.

The EVE is Real site represents exactly what EVE is as seen through the eyes of EVE players-the highs and the lows you only get within the sometimes harsh, always brilliant and seemingly limitless universe.

The entries are divided into five broad categories: War, Corporate Recruitment, Exploration, EVE is Real and Freestyle. Voting is scheduled to close on September 1, 2011.

Start voting on the EVE Is Real site.

EVE Online News - Let the Voting Commence

EVE Online News – Winter Has Come

War has broken out in EVE Online, and this week's One Jump Home recounts the events that led to its arrival and the possibilities of what such an upheaval may lead to.  Read on!

<> Earlier in the year I, and many other news media outlets, reported that the former Northern Coalition, mainstay power-bloc in EVE Online had collapsed outright under the immense pressure of the powerful Alliances known as WhiteNoise, NorthernCoalitionDOT and RaidenDOT. These 3 entities backed with the seemingly endless ISK of the Drone Russian Federation and helped by the formidable itinerant entity known as Pandemic Legion had successfully vanquished the now dead Northern Coalition and happily took their prize: The vast technetium wealth of the North.

EVE Online News – Arnar ‘CCP Zulu’ Gylfason Steps Down

EVE Online's senior producer, Arnar "CCP Zulu" Gylfason has officially relinquished the reins after eighteen tumultuous months at the forefront of development for EVE. Jon "CCP Unifex" Lander will be taking over the helm . Gylfason has penned a short farewell and Lander posted an introduction and vision for the future of EVE Online.

The task ahead of us in 2012 is not to be taken lightly. We are changing EVE’s internal project structure to bring it in line with a product that has nearly 200 people working on it and making sure that everyone is concentrating on delivering a game which has real value for our players. As well as changing the project organization, we will also be spending time on improving our internal tools, pipelines and processes to improve our efficiency and effectiveness for the future.

Read both letters on the EVE Online blog.


EVE Online News - Arnar 'CCP Zulu' Gylfason Steps Down

EVE Online News – CCP Fleet Mobilizing Christmas Caravan

Don't hesitate! The CCP fleet is mobilizing to escort valuable goods and CCP devs to the annual holiday party. EVE Online players might want to check the valuable intel that's being disseminated on the official forums and then ATTACK!

CCP Tenitigo, CCP Paradox and I will be spying for more information around the office, see what else we can find out.

Edit1: This is happening today, time to start fitting your ships!

Edit2: Reports are coming in that the CCP Christmas caravan is mobilizing within the next hour and their destination seems to be somewhere in the Great Wildlands ! We strongly suggest you start gathering up your fleets and start heading in that direction!


EVE Online News - CCP Fleet Mobilizing Christmas Caravan

EVE Online News – Blood on the Snow

EVE Online is a very complex place to call one's home.  In our latest One Jump Home column, we explore the depths of the Drone Regions, the heart of the Russian empire in EVE: UAxDeath, and how one man turned the space into an industrial behemoth.

When CCP added the Drone Regions to EVE Online, the scuttle to acquire them can be said to have taken its time. With hundreds of systems full of mediocre moon minerals and NPCs that did not reward the player with flat ISK, but rather a large handful of mineral compounds – The community was perplexed at best. How were players supposed to survive in these regions? Who would fight to defend them? Who would care? Few bothered to answer that question, but one Russian man saw what the purpose of the space truly was: Industrialist nullsec heaven. That man is arguably one of the most famous men in EVE, that man is arguably one of the best Russian politicians in EVE. That man is UAxDeath.

Read more of Ross McDermott's One Jump Home: Blood Red Storm.


EVE Online News - Blood on the Snow