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TERA News – The Beauty of Battle

En Masse Entertainment has partnered with to bring our readers the best TERA screenshots. In this week's TERA Tuesday, the screens show off the deadly beauty of combat in the game. Check them out in our TERA Tuesdays: The Beauty of Battle feature.


TERA News - The Beauty of Battle

TERA News – Get Two Weeks of Elite Status for Free During Birthday Bash

TERA is about to turn three years old. Both new and former players, or players who are not subscribed to the game, are invited to check out a special event that will grant them two weeks of elite status just for playing the game. The team has set up a series of events for players to take part in and, if all are completed, the two weeks will be added to their accounts.

The following will need to be accomplished prior to April 30th, but it is not required that all be completed by the same character:

  • Join a guild (or already be in a guild)
  • Complete any 10 quests
  • Kill any 10 BAMs
  • Complete any 3 instanced dungeons.
  • Win 3 times in any battleground

Read more about the benefits of Elite Status on the TERA Rising site.

TERA News - Get Two Weeks of Elite Status for Free During Birthday Bash

TERA News – EU Functionality Tests Today

Frogster has announced that it will be conducting 'functionality tests' on various TERA systems throughout the day today. At various times today, the TERA team will be announcing log in opportunities for players with pre-order keys. These announcements will be made through Frogster's TERA Twitter.

Read more about the event on the Frogster TERA EU forum.

Thanks to Coolit for the tip!


TERA News - EU Functionality Tests Today

TERA News – New eBook Released

En Masse Entertainment has announced the first release in a new eBook series that will explore the lore behind TERA. The first in the series is entitled "The Amaranthine Heart" and follows the adventures of a down-on-his-luck Valkyon Federation hero. The new eBook is available at for 99 cents.

En Masse devs are also pleased with last week's GDC presentations and the positive reception from fans and the media. Devs had a chance to show off a brand new demo, level 60 players and a new scenario.

Find out more about TERA NA.

TERA News - New eBook Released


TERA News – NCSoft US Lawsuit – Delay of Game?

On January 9th, a lawsuit was filed in New York Federal Court by NCSoft alleging that TERA Korean developer, BlueHole Studios, and US publisher, En Masse Entertainment, "makes use of NCsoft's trade secrets, including documents, source code, artwork and know-how related to the development on Lineage 3, and copyrighted works, including concept art created for Lineage 3."

While this is a new legal proceeding in the US, similar cases have been adjudicated in Korea between NCSoft and BlueHole Studios resulting in both criminal and civil convictions against BHS. Both decsions have, however, had portions overturned and remain in appeals courts in Korea.

Whether or not the complaint will have an impact on TERA's North American release date of May 1st remains unknown though the conventional wisdom says that NCS will file some sort of injunction against publication of TERA on May 1st.

En Masse's community manager, Evan Berman, had this to say on the official NA TERA forums:

Evening, folks. We're aware of this. It's our policy not to comment on legal matters.

We'll keep you posted as the story develops. In the meantime, read the legal documents on the New York Federal Court docket.

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TERA News - NCSoft US Lawsuit - Delay of Game?

TERA News – Devs Speak of the Year that Was

TERA Senior Producer Brian Knox has written a letter to review all of the development milestones reached during 2011.

Knox details:

  • The Korean launch of TERA and the recognition of TERA as a global brand
  • The creation of a game that, while similar to the Korean version, is tailored for Western audiences. This includes security and game features that will be specific to the West.
  • The previews of TERA shown during all of the industry's major game conventions during 2011
  • Launcher, installer, forums, support tools, account management tools, security, key generation and more were worked on, generally behind the scenes.
  • Dev team begins work on the first 30, 60, 90 days post-launch even prior to TERA's launch

<> Read the full producer's letter on the TERA site.