EVE Online News – The EVE Online Re-Review

Adam Tingle has been playing EVE Online for a good long while and has plenty to say about a game that continues to outperform many of its more current competitors. See how EVE Online fares after all this time in our latest re-review. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Let's just get it out of the way – if I could, I would marry, buy a condo, and have children with Eve Online: It is just that damn sexy. With that said, let's get on with the formal make-out session I like to call a review.

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EVE Online News - The EVE Online Re-Review

Dragon Nest News – New Update Brings in Dungeons, Level 70 Cap, Advanced Skills

Dragon Nest gamers will delight in a range of new innovative character skills, a new degree 70 cap and also a brand-new location called Arendel. The video game will also continuously assist players get to level 60 by hosting events during the month of March. Instances of the new dungeons opening to players:

Roiling Expanse: Numerous of the once verdant lands bordering the Elven kingdom have actually ended up being completely dry and also barren as Arendel’& rsquo; s Tree of Life expands weaker. Rich woodlands are changed with dry deserts as well as a rolling sandstorm now blankets the area.

Sea of Dust: Poisonous substance is gradually eliminating the Tree of Life, and as a result, this lovely valley has become a barren marsh. An enormous scorpion called Superpredator Antares prowls the land, searching for target.

Halfmoon Desert: As they besiege Arendel, the Dragon Cultists develop a base camp in this risky desert. One of the ancients, the terrifying undead Emperor Sebek, regulations this land and also influences its pressures.

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Dragon Nest News - New Update Adds Dungeons, Level 70 Cap, Advanced Skills

EVE Online News – Wayback Wednesday Recap

Last week, Grak Ulen started a new live streaming series called "Wayback Wednesday". The first game he trotted out for interested fans was EVE Online. Grak's put together a nifty recap of the evening's event that you won't want to miss!

EVE Online News – Closing a Chapter

Change is an inevitable part of life in general, and of EVE Online specifically and big changes have been ongoing since the close of 2011. In today's One Jump Home, we take a look at some of the momentous alterations in EVE Online. Keep reading!

But when the Drone Regions were added, CCP took an alternate route when it came to the rewards players would be given in exchange for killing the NPCs they found throughout their space: Minerals. Specifically compounds which were then refined into minerals. Previously the only way to acquire raw materials to build ships in EVE Online was mainly through the act of mining. Slaving away at an asteroid for endless hours in a mining barge, sucking rocks through a tube to finance your activities in EVE Online. And for a while this was an entirely legitimate way of making ISK in EVE, there was always a demand to replace ships and modules lost in combat or through pilot error. And so CCP took it upon themselves to create these regions in order to make sure there'd be an abundance of mineral income across the game.

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EVE Online News - Closing a Chapter

EVE Online News – Fanfest 2013 Trailer & Details Released

The EVE Online team has released a brand new trailer to get players excited about Fanfest 2013 from April 23-27th. In addition, the Fanfest site has been updated to give attendees information about the annual event.

From April 25-27, we will celebrate EVE Online’s 10th Anniversary and the joining of the PlayStation®3-exclusive MMOFPS DUST 514 to the EVE Universe in the largest ever Fanfest full of panels, excursions, roundtables, talks, a developer-led pub-crawl, a massive PvP tournament, the Icelandic symphony playing the EVE soundtrack, camaraderie, fun and the infamous Party at the Top of the World. We’ve got a few more surprises in the works to make this EVE Fanfest the greatest in-person celebration in all of gaming history.

Find out more on the EVE Online Fanfest 2013 site.

Dragon Nest News – Assassin Course Added to SEA Variation

Cherry Credits has actually announced that the Assassin usable course has actually been included in Dragon Nest SEA. According to Cherry Credits, the introduction of the Assassin, stated to bring an entire new means to play the game, has doubled the Korean population of Dragon Nest. Whether this is an indication that the Assassin will make its means to the NA/EU version or otherwise is unclear.

In addition to the Assassin, the launch also introduces the first upgrade course of the Assassin, the Chaser. Having actually acquired murder strategies from ancient times, Chasers use hidden shadow weapons to pursue as well as quietly take down adversaries. Chasers can go through a second lesson upgrade to end up being either a Ripper who focuses on bodily ninja skills, or a Raven that focuses on using hidden tools to eliminate their opponents.

The Assassins are additionally the fabulous to introduce 2 brand-new mechanics to the game: a stealth system which allows players to strike while they are hidden from view, as well as a demanding system that permits ability cool-downs to be lengthened to supply higher damage the following time it is utilized.

Find out more on the Dragon Nest SEA official site.