What is the best gaming mouse 2021 Reddit?

What is the best gaming mouse 2021 Reddit? 

  • Zowie FK1+
  • Zowie S1.
  • Logitech G Pro Superlight.

What is the best gaming mouse 2022 Reddit? Deathadder V2 is a decent pick, Basilisk V3 from Razer camp is also really comfortable, lots of customization and well priced. Roccat Kone Pro is another mouse which fits palm grip very well. If you want to stick to Steelseries, then look at Steelseries Prime, which is also the lighter option among all of these.

Are gaming mouses worth it Reddit? As an owner of both, completely agree. Mechanical keyboards are more of a luxury, while gaming mice make a real difference on how you play. On some gaming mice, there is also the ability to adjust sensitivity on the fly, which can be useful.

Is G502 a good mouse Reddit? The G502 is objectively too heavy. Even if you like heavy mice, the G502 is supposed to give you choice! If it were under 100 grams, maybe even under 90 grams, and it came with an optional metal underbelly to bump the weight back up, I’d have few reservations calling it “as good as you’ll ever need”.

What is the best gaming mouse 2021 Reddit? – Additional Questions

Why is Logitech G502 so popular?

The Logitech G502 HERO is a very good mouse for FPS games. It feels very well-built and comfortable to use thanks to its grippy body and right-handed shape with a thumb rest, which also has a sniper button built into it. It has remarkably low click latency and a wide, customizable CPI range.

Is the G502 still good?

Is Logitech G502 worth it Reddit?

It’s a good mouse. It’s well built and the performance is as good as any mouse out there. The issue is that it’s quite heavy, which is a pretty undesirable trait in a gaming mouse.

Is Logitech G502 good for butterfly clicking?

Dedicated Member. The g502 has a thin right click and left click so I wouldn’t recommend it for butterfly clicking.

Is the G502 hero good for drag clicking?

The Logitech G502 HERO can truly offer you a competitive edge through its adjustable weight profiles. In the box, you’ll find five 0.127 ounce weight bars that you can attach to the mouse for comfortable grip and movement. This special feature also helps you in achieving outstanding CPS through drag clicking.

Does the G502 double click?

Neither the Logitech G502 or G Pro Wireless can double click out the box. However, it is common for double clicking to be possible once the mouse has been used and worn down. The click speeds with the G502 or G Pro wireless tend to be slower than other mice when double clicking.

Is double click allowed in Hypixel?

Dedicated Member

Yes. ArrowXI said: Basically, you can double click as long as it’s not a software making the mouse double click or if it’s a macro.

What is G shift?

G Shift is a feature that you can find in Logitech gaming mice, which allows you to activate keyboard keys and macros by pressing mouse buttons. Invoking the keyboard keys and macros with the mouse increases efficiency and allows you to free up keys on your keyboard that you would otherwise use for macros.

Can the G Pro wireless drag click?

Hello, the G Pro X Superlight can drag click and has a high CPS.

Is G Pro good for butterfly clicking?

I bought this for minecraft pvp cuz i wanted to butterfly on it and also double click. i can double click on it but not as good as other players do. he double clicks perfectly all the time.

Is Drag clicking cheating?

Yes, drag clicking is cheating in most games because you can unfairly increase CPS by using the right mouse. That said, you can still use drag clicking in games like Minecraft as long as you don’t register an unnaturally high CPS.

How do you butterfly click?

Butterfly clicking is simply placing any two fingers on the tip of the mouse button and tapping it alternately with both fingers. Normally, butterfly clicking is performed with the middle finger and index finger to generate more clicks as quickly as possible.

What is Kohi click?

Kohi Click Test is a test introduced by Minecraft network Kohi. The official network is gone but not forgotten. Take this Kohi CPS Test to challenge the community! Please feel free to share this test with your friends, and challenge them! Note: You may try this Kohi CPS test as many times as you like.

Can butterfly clicking hurt you?

How much CPS is jitter clicking?

Butterfly clicking usually gets you up to 13-14 cps while jitter clicking gets you up to 8-10 cps.

Does Hypixel allowed Butterfly clicking?

As you know, butterfly clicking is explicitly forbidden on Hypixel and MMC. It is considered cheating.

How do you click 100 CPS?

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