How do you teach rhyming words online?

How do you teach rhyming words online? 

How do you play a rhyming game? Word, Word, Rhyme

Players sit in a circle on the floor, at a table or at their desks. One player is chosen as “The Poet” and walks around the circle as they think of a word. They can say nothing, or they can say “word, word, word” (like “duck, duck, duck”) as they pass each other player.

What are some rhyming games? 

Activities for Matching Rhyming Words
  • Picture Sorts. Rhyming picture sorts can be incorporated into many different hands-on learning activities.
  • Rhyming Match. This activity is easy to set up.
  • Stick a Rhyme. This is an easy activity for teaching children to match rhyming words.
  • Walk the Tightrope.
  • Rhyming Rocks.

How do you play rhyming bingo? PLAYING RHYMING BINGO

Each child should place a marker on a picture that rhymes with the word called. Get five in a row or column and call, “BINGO” to win. For example, if you call the word fox, the child would cover up the picture of the box. You could make up your own words or use this list of words to call out.