Is there a BattleBots game?

Is there a BattleBots game? BattleBots was a video game produced by Warthog Games and to be published by THQ, planned to be released for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube in November 2002, with assistance from Creative Asylum. However, production was cancelled after BattleBots was discontinued on Comedy Central.

What is the best BattleBot? 

  • 1 #1 Bite Force (Heavyweight)
  • 2 #2 Biohazard (Heavyweight)
  • 3 #3 Hazard (Middleweight)
  • 4 #4 Tombstone (Super/Heavyweight)
  • 5 #5 Son of Whyachi (Heavyweight)
  • 6 #6 Ziggo (Lightweight)
  • 7 #7 Diesector (Super Heavyweight)
  • 8 #8 Vladiator (Super Heavyweight)

Will there be BattleBots in 2022? NEW! BattleBots is back! The franchise will be kicking off a new, six-part series called “BattleBots Champions” in which former champions from the show will face off in Las Vegas to see who reigns supreme and can capture The Golden Bolt trophy.

How do I join BattleBots? Anyone may apply for BattleBot at, but we recommend that you do not start building your robot until you are notified by BattleBots that your application has been accepted, and you have completed other entry procedures that will be required by our broadcast partners.

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How much does it cost to go to BattleBots?

Tickets will range from $20-40 depending on which day you go and what type of seats you choose. We’ll post further details here and on once the tickets go live. But if you want early access, become a BattleBots Supporter. does anyone know what tickets run for BattleBots?

How much do BattleBots cost?

According to Design 1st, the unspoken budget for a BattleBot can generally cost $100 per pound. Robots can weigh up to 250 pounds for competition, meaning that building a robot can cost upwards of $25,000. But again, even five figures is just a rough estimate.

Do you get paid to be on BattleBots?

Everything from exhibition matches to finals offer some cash between each game, and the further you make it, the more you earn. According to a Reddit thread, competitors get paid $500 for simply appearing in the arena.

Where will BattleBots 2022 be held?

We’ll be back in Las Vegas in 2022 for another exciting season of BattleBots (most likely Fall or 2022 – but subject to change). In the meantime, please follow us on social media for the latest news on all things BattleBots.

How do you enter Robot Wars?

Take part in Robot Wars!

Registration is now open to take part on the forthcoming series of Robot Wars. We ask that you kindly complete the application form and return to If your application for the series is successful we will contact you by telephone with further information.

Do BattleBots winners win money?

BattleBots, a “battle-to-the-death” competition between remote-controlled robots, featured even more fun and destruction as the weekend wore on, when finalists fought it out for over $25,000 in cash and prizes.

Where is BattleBots located?

Robots from around the globe will convene to battle for the highly-anticipated 2021 BattleBots World Championship, which takes place inside the iconic BattleBox arena at Caesars Entertainment Studios, now through Sept. 4.

How long does BattleBots actually last?

Running time 30–60 minutes
Production companies Whalerock Industries BattleBots Productions
Original network Comedy Central (2000–02) ABC (2015–16) Discovery Channel (2018–present)

How much does the giant nut weight in BattleBots?

Weight: 322.5 lbs.

Can BattleBots have guns?

Projectile weapons are allowed, as long as they do not create an arena-fouling problem. Projectile weapons must not use explosives. Springs, catapults and gas-pressure powered guns may be acceptable. You may be required to show that your projectile weapon will not damage the Lexan exterior of the arena.

What is the BattleBots floor made of?

According to Zoe Stephenson, the BattleBox floor for the 2016 season comprised of three layers of 1/8-inch mild steel sheeting, equal to 3/8 inches in thickness, along with a thick rubber coating over the top layer.

How many days is BattleBots filmed?

Two sessions a day were filmed with each session lasting four hours. Fights were 30 minutes apart, allowing for introductions from ring announcer Faruq Tauheed and other needs. For the 2020 season, the events of COVID-19 and the restrictions that ensued meant there would be no live audience.

What is not allowed in BattleBots?

Projectile weapons must not use explosives. Springs, catapults and gas-pressure powered guns may be acceptable. You may be required to show that your projectile weapon will not damage the Lexan exterior of the arena.

Can you drink at BattleBots?

But really you’ll just be antsy to get inside. Some PAs will tell you no food or drink in the stands. However, the official rule is that you can have water at your seat. Don’t let a PA discourage you from water, it is 100% allowed at your seat.

What is the weight limit for BattleBots?


The maximum allowed weight is 250.0 pounds ready to fight. There is no minimum weight. Flying bots (“Flybots”) are limited to a maximum of 10.0 pounds each, ready to fight. Exceptions to the Flybot weight limit may be made on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the construction and configuration of the Flybot.

What is the biggest Battlebot?

Mammoth is the largest heavyweight robot ever built.

Why do some BattleBots have two bots?

Advantages: They’re generally lighter and thus easier to carry around. They can serve as decoys so when one is in trouble, the other can help bail them out in a match. They’re generally less expensive to build.