What is the grocery store game?

What is the grocery store game? The Grocery Store Game is a ‘real-life’ shopping and math skills program that uses a unique game board designed to resemble actual grocery store aisles.

How do you play the shopping game? 

Which one is best for online grocery shopping? 

Top 10 online grocery stores in India that’ll make your life easier for sure:
  • Grofers.
  • Amazon Pantry.
  • Flipkart Supermarket.
  • ZopNow.
  • Natures Basket.
  • Spencers.
  • PayTM Mall.
  • DMart.

How can I make grocery shopping more fun? 

8 kid-friendly ways to make grocery shopping fun
  1. Coupon duty.
  2. Keep them busy. While in the supermarket, giving your children something to do can help you concentrate on shopping.
  3. Let your kids pick.
  4. Let them ask the questions.
  5. Gamify the store visit.
  6. Nutrition education.
  7. Mini bagger.
  8. Hunger is a no-no.

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What are the activities in supermarket?

22 Fun Things To Do At The Supermarket Or Grocery Store
  • Ride on the back of the shopping cart.
  • Act like a TV cooking show judge to the free samples.
  • Overreact to a lottery/scratch-off winning.
  • Give unwanted cooking advice to strangers.
  • Buy things that probably shouldn’t go together.

How do I entertain my kids at the grocery store?

Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained While Shopping
  1. Alphabet scavenger hunt. Start at the beginning of the alphabet and find items in the store that correlate with each letter.
  2. Kid grocery lists.
  3. Clean the cart.
  4. Cereal strand.
  5. I spy.
  6. Count the items.
  7. Interactive apps.

How can I take 3 kids to a store?

These are a few tips and tricks that make getting groceries with three kids in tow tolerable:
  1. Set expectations.
  2. It’s best to be realistic with yourself. Can you seriously handle doing this today?
  3. Enter with a plan.
  4. Be willing to leave the cart.
  5. The dangling carrot.
  6. Rules.
  7. Let them help.
  8. Get a treat for yourself.

How do I keep my toddler busy when grocery shopping?

So arm yourself with the following grocery-shopping tips to get the job done with your cutie in the cart:
  1. Make a list; check it twice.
  2. Give your toddler a ride.
  3. Work from the outside in.
  4. Give her a job.
  5. Snack your way through the store.
  6. Take advantage of teaching opportunities.
  7. Skip trouble spots.

How do I keep my toddler busy at the grocery store?

Food is a great way to keep kids entertained and also keep them from getting too “hangry” while shopping. I like to pre-pack plenty of small and healthy snacks that are easy to just throw in the diaper bag and be on our way! These snack trays are genius and super handy for keeping kids in the cart and happy.

How do you grocery shop with a toddler and a baby?

How to Grocery Shop with Your Baby or Toddler in Tow
  1. Don’t Rest Your Car Seat on Top of the Cart. Once you and your helper have made it to the store, it’s time to decide where to store their car seat.
  2. Invest in a Shopping Cart Hammock.
  3. Use a Shopping Cart Cover.
  4. Hack Your Shopping Cart With a Basket.

What do you do when your child throws a tantrum in public?

The Five-Pronged Approach to a Toddler’s Public Meltdown
  1. Make sure your child is both well-fed and well-rested before running errands.
  2. Stay cool when your child has a public tantrum.
  3. Go over your schedule with the child before heading out.
  4. Reward your child with some one-on-one time after each completed task.

How do you go shopping with a toddler?

Top tips for taking your toddler to the shops
  1. Tip #1: Walking around. Photo of toddler shopping.
  2. Tip #2: Fun shopping.
  3. Tip #3: Point things out.
  4. Tip #4: Don’t worry.
  5. Tip #5: Ask for their help.
  6. Tip #6: Let them know.
  7. Tip #7: Rewards.
  8. Tip #8: Be positive.

How do you shop at the mall with a baby?

11 Mom Hacks for Shopping at the Mall with a Toddler
  1. Bring a friend.
  2. Time shopping around naptime.
  3. Stop at a play area or quarter rides.
  4. Get a fun shopping car or bring a stroller.
  5. Have lunch at the food court.
  6. Pack wipes for their messy faces and fingers.
  7. Dressing room mirrors will keep them busy while trying on clothes.

How do you have two babies at the grocery store?

Use a Stroller and a Shopping Cart

If you don’t want to baby wear, or if your twins are too big to wear, you can use the stroller-cart combo. You put the kiddos into their stroller and use a shopping cart for the actual groceries. You can also just use the stroller and forget about the cart.

What age can baby sit in grocery cart?

When can babies sit in shopping carts? Your baby can sit in a shopping cart seat once they’re able to sit up well by themselves, around 6 to 7 months old.

Can I put car seat in cart?

Your best and safest choice isn’t putting the car seat in the cart. If you do that, you won’t have much room for groceries and the car seat could move and cause your baby to sit in an incorrect position. You need a safe, convenient, mom and baby-approved grocery cart hammock.

How can I protect my baby from Covid in public?

By covering their face in public, anyone who has the virus is much less likely to pass it to others. So, even though children under 2 years old can’t wear face coverings, they’re protected from infection when people around them do. A face covering also can protect the person wearing it.

How should you behave in a grocery store?

Shopping Manners: From Start to Finish
  1. Be Organized and Prepare a Shopping List.
  2. Eat Before You Shop.
  3. Don’t Forget Your Money or Credit Card.
  4. Pick the Best Shopping Cart.
  5. Allow Time to Stand in Line.
  6. Avoid Excessive Talkers and Obnoxious People.
  7. Read Store Signs.
  8. Don’t Shop at Rush Hour.

What should you not do at a grocery store?

There are certain customer habits that grocery-store employees absolutely hate. You should try to avoid blocking aisles with your cart and squeezing produce too hard. Putting items back in the wrong place is bothersome for workers and it might cause products to be damaged.

How do you deal with rude people in stores?

The easiest thing to do is just to ignore the rude customer and hopefully they will get the hint. If they come up in your face you can be polite and ask them to step away from your space. Any concerns they have can be directed to the store manager.

How do you stop store tantrums?

Another idea is to go to the store on a day when you only need to pick up a couple of items. Stay in the store long enough to just pick up your items, and help your child practice managing their behaviors during this short trip. Then, help them work their way up to being able to handle a longer outing next time.