EVE Online News – Fanfest 2013 Sold Out

CCP Video games is reporting that the EVE Online as well as Dust 514 Fanfast 2013 has actually totally offered out. The group will be making real-time stream chances readily available for those not able to go to personally as well as will be revealing specifics soon.

Recently, CCP Gamings, makers of EVE Online and DUST 514, revealed the style of Fanfest to be “& ldquo; EVE: The Second Years” & rdquo; as the combined EVE Universe comes close to One Decade of continual development adhering to an extremely successful totally free winter season development in EVE Online: Revenge as well as the open beta for the free-to-play PlayStation®& reg; 3 special MMOFPS (enormously multiplayer on-line first-person shooter) DUST 514. DUST recently signed up with EVE on the very same server collection, offering an even bigger universe and also the much-anticipated Orbital Strike feature in between both games.

Look into more of the details on the Fanfest 2013 website.

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